RPAS Certification and drone UAV

Advanced RPAS Exam Preparation

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Course Description

Prepare for the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Exam

This course covers the required 20 hours of ground school and prepares the student to successfully complete the written exam “Basic RPAS Pilot Certificate”.

Knowledge areas covered include:

  • Section 1: air law, air traffic rules and procedures
  • Section 2: RPAS airframes, power plants, propulsion and systems
  • Section 3: Human factors
  • Section 4: Meteorology
  • Section 5: Navigation
  • Section 6: Flight operations
  • Section 7: Theory of flight
  • Section 8: Radiotelephony

For a detailed course syllabus refer to Transport Canada Knowledge requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 250 g up to and including 25 kg, Operating within Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS) – TP 15263.

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