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Pat Cowman

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With over three decades of experience in all aspects of manned aviation & commercial flight operations globally we can assist our clients with successful completion of the Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate or setting up a drone flight department.

Our comprehensive courses ensures that everyone leaves our training with a clear knowledge of the aviation rules and their responsibilities as a qualified pilot.

We provide complete support to individuals & corporate operators to set up flight operations and supporting training depending on your requirements.

What Our Students Have to Say

I was looking at getting my drone license and Airlink had a training course available.  The course was quite in depth.  Felt like I was back in pilot ground school.  The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable.  The amount of material covered in the 3 days, was amazing.  The support and exam prep material was excellent.  I would recommend them to anyone serious about getting into the drone pilot business.

Steve Faryna
Steve Faryna

Baumont, AB

The laws of flying drones requires a licence. I began researching courses and I was lucky to find Airlink Consulting. Pat is an awesome instructor with a lifetime of information. I highly recommend.

Terry Goghan
Terry Goguen

Millet, AB

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Frank Jones

From Japan

Having a fair bit Drone experience when I decided to get my RPAS Advanced certification, I figured it really couldn't be that difficult. I reached out to Pat at Airlink, as I heard he ran a solid online course.

Well I'm really glad I did! There's a great deal of information to go through and absorb - He keeps it real and personable, and with all the many years as a Commercial Pilot, as well as his Drone experience he manages to navigate through all the material needed to get a handle on the key information required to successfully complete the Transport Canada certification, as well as the practical Flight Review.

Thank You Pat and Airlink!!

Rick Willoughby
Rick Willoughby

Vancouver, BC

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