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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an RPAS Aircraft?

Transport Canada defines an RPAS as an aircraft. RPAS is the International Civil Aviation Organization which is "Remotely Piloted Aircraft System". Other terms such as drone, UAS or Unmanned aerial System and UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle all have the same meaning. 

RPAS is the government term used in the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

2. What is required to obtain the basic or advanced pilot Certificate?

A Transport Canada written exam is required for the Basic Drone Pilot Certification and the Advanced Drone Pilot Certificate.

3. Do I need to write both RPAS exams?

No. The basic exam is a separate exam. However, if you take the RPAS Advanced Pilot Certification Exam you will be issued a Basic RPAS Pilot Certificate until the completion of a Flight Review. 

Upon completion of the flight review you will be issued the Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate.

4. Is a flight review required for both drone/RPAS pilot certificates?

No. Only the Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate requires a flight review to complete the certification process.

5. Do I need a RPAS Pilot certificate for small drones?

Small Drones under 250grams do not fall under the Canadian Aviation Regulations part IX. However you are subject to the following:


"900.06 Reckless or Negligent Operation
No person shall operate a remotely piloted aircraft system in such a reckless or negligent manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger aviation safety or the safety of any person".

Although the small drone is not subject to the main rules it is likely that if you fly close to an airport or contravene other regulations under CAR Part IX you would be subject to 900.06.

So although you do not need a pilot certificate it would be advisable to become aware of regulations that apply to both basic and advanced RPAS pilots.

Regardless of the drone size it can be a hazard to other aircraft.

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